Going beyond the simple fund raising letter

Like many small town rescue squads, the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad operates on a limited budget. For decades, the rescue and fire squads have shared space in a downtown station. In the fall of 2015, a new rescue squad station will be completed but the squad needs help outfitting and furnishing the building.

In the past, they have relied on an annual fundraising letter as the sole source of communication with the residents of Blacksburg and the surrounding areas that they serve. But raising the funds to furnish the station was going to require much more.

Our research showed that there wasn't a clear understanding of exactly what types of work the squad does, nor that it is staffed completely by volunteers with full time jobs and family commitments. So we created social media graphics, print ads, video, radio spots, and a brochure that not only get their message out, but also educate the community about just how much work the Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad really does. 

The results are still coming in, but a foundation has been laid for grassroots community support as well as corporate support from around the area.