Lead Generation: Where Quality AND Quantity Matter

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Developing great creative that's based on our understanding of your brand is hard, but fun work. But creative agencies have struggled in the past to directly tie sales to advertising. It's not enough to just put out work and then loosely follow sales numbers. There was a time when that was really the only way to do it, but those days are long gone.

Wouldn't you rather know which campaign is the most effective? And even which elements of each campaign are driving the most response? It all starts with researching your audience, getting to know them, then meeting them where they are with a message they can't ignore and an offer they can't refuse.

I've been in advertising for close to 20 years, and I think I've been hearing about the death of advertising for at least 19 of them. Advertising's not dead. What is dead is the old way of doing it. The age of accountability is here thanks to analytics and better desktop research tools.

The fact of the matter is that TV is still important to the media mix, just as repurposing those ads into digital content is important to increase its reach. Radio, too, is still a powerful medium, especially for retail advertising. The key is to think about these platforms in new ways. While they are useful for brand recognition, how can we track them as sources for traffic and lead generation? Creativity in presenting your message is one of our strengths, but so is our ability to find exciting ways to measure its effectiveness.